Vananaz Systems Inc

Cebu City Cebu , Cebu City


10-50 employees

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Who is Vananaz?

VANANAZ SYSTEMS INC. is an emerging Web and Mobile Application Specialist based in Cebu, Philippines, with the mission of producing new values to the world from The Philippines. With a roster of services already produced through entrusted development and building our own apps for general use, we continue to look for individuals who share our deep love for developing apps that will give great value and benefit a lot of its users.

Join our rapidly growing team to learn and create using the latest technologies in mobile and web app development. We offer you a caring, enjoyable and collaborative work environment where you can develop your skills and exercise your creativity. 

Our company values are:

  • Creator Supremacy - We encourage our people to be creative thinkers! We always look for ways to improve and create something new. We look at challenges and situations encountered by the organization from a fresh perspective and an opportunity to be innovative.
  • Resolve Problem - We resolve problems together and like our own problem. We take accountability in our roles and tasks in the organization. Whenever we encounter problems, we focus more on the solutions rather than the problem.
  • Be Professional - We take responsibility in our tasks like professionals. We ensure that we finish our tasks as scheduled and in high quality.
  • Minimize Rules - We value trust and the right amount of freedom we give to our team. We try to be productive towards our work knowing this privilege.
  • Quality First - We give our best in everything that we do ensuring quality is never compromised and the success of our clients, knowing that their success is our long-term success.
  • Improve Process - We continually seek and improve in the way we do things. We look forward to changing the way things are done and get excited when facing challenging situations.
  • Lifelong Study - We believe that everyday is another opportunity to learn something new and grow yourself.
  • Maintain Healthy - We care about our clients as much as we do to our employees. We look for ways to be happy with our work and so we can make our users happy too.
  • Invest than Saving - Learn, learn - And learn some more. We give value to knowledge and self-improvement. We understand that what we do today will have a great impact on our future.
  • Believe Talent - We believe everyone is capable of doing something and limitless when they decided to take a leap of courage and effort. We acknowledge diversity and inclusion within the organization.
  • Honesty & Integrity - We are humble to accept and take action on feedback. We do the right thing even when nobody's looking. We acknowledge our mistakes even before anyone asks and learn from it. We ask questions when we are confused and resolve things together.

Why join our team?
What’s in it for you?

  • You will be with a dynamic and growing team in a fast paced working environment who is united to one common mission: keep producing new values to the world from the Philippines
  • Here in our team, you will not just focus on using one programming language or project, BUT you will also be able to advance your career through learning new technologies.
  • You will get to experience a regular working schedule of Mondays to Fridays where the sun is still hovering over the city, to rest and spend quality time during weekends, and enjoy home during Philippine holidays.